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I’m a big fan of Someday’s Dreamers in particular and of Slice-of-Life anime in general. When the title of this anime catched my eyes, I nearly jumped as it reminded me about the time when I spent my student time with SD. I hardly wait to watch this anime in order to know whether it can bring me such a great joy as SD did.

And I can say that I’m being disappointed a little bit. I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of Beck’s style, but somehow for Beck theme I think that the style did fit very well. However, this style together with rich ‘technology’ background, as to my personal point of view, did blew away the theme of this story. I was totally in love with 2D, water-colour background of J.C.Staff in SD, which brought a story of magic blending with lesson and sadness in a very 'art' way of drawing. I watched SD like I could feel the characters’ feeling, like I breathed with them. In ‘Natsu no Sora’, I can’t. The film is too ‘rich’ and modern for country side atmosphere that I can’t enjoy the peacefulness in there. My first impression towards the film that it is overdone by using too much colour and technique, while it can be much better like a sketch. I hope when the story begins in Tokyo, this feeling is gone.

Music is good. I especially like the ED song. The background music in scene of Sora’s friend and the boy moved me, like a folk melody. I really like Michiru’s saying of Akiko wheat comparing with her feeling. It’s so lovely. That scene is the only one I can enjoy, sad to say so.

Anyway, I continue to watch. I want to know how the story goes and what kind of magic (spell) they will use.
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