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Trying to precisely define slice-of-life is really tough though. I mean, you could put ARIA to that definition, and well say that it stopped being slice-of-life about half way through its final series, arguably even before that.
I have to disagree a bit because they still haven't lost the touch of slowing things down up to at least episode 10. And they went 50+ episodes and most were still very slice of life, if at the least, episodic content plus the slice of life aspect. I really have to disagree that slice of life anime is all that ambiguous. Want ambiguous? How about 'shonen' titles? Or shoujo? I think slice of life is a very specific aspect of anime in terms of their focus, unlike the other amalgam genres out there that base its identity from its target audience (which also is becoming ambiguous). That said, I do think it's impossible to tag an anime *only* as slice of life. Because they all aim for something. I guess unless it is truly wishy washy in their 'slife of life'ness like Binbou Shimai Monogatari.

The thing with slice of life is that it tends to be tagged alongside the other genre aspect as well. Again, I think Anime News Network has it right if they're saying Azumanga was a Comedy + Slice of Life. That was EXACTLY what it was.

But, never mind Kobayashi, this being a HAL Film Maker anime is awesome... almost everything they've touched recently has turned to gold. Especially their slice-of-life pieces (whether this is one is still open to debate).
Didn't you just answer your own question? Because a lot of HAL Film Maker anime as of the last few years were mostly slice of life style affair. Especially with Somebody's Dreamers, that will most indefinitely continue. Unless Sora goes nuts and has superheroine suits and powers like with a certain girl in Mission E (Code E's sequel, Code E was obviously almost 100% slice of life. In Mission E, it looks totally the opposite).

Also, BECAUSE HAL made this show, I'm sort of dejected. The original wasn't that interesting to pique my interest and so far, it's just touch and go with this one. I always had reservations about HAL picking it up because I didn't think they'd be able to raise the dead and make it sparkle and at least from episode 1, that fear hasn't gone away. Actually it reinforced it. This could be HAL's first semi-flop in a while. Or maybe not 'flop' but something that won't be as universally appealing as Sketchbook or Aria has been.
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