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Originally Posted by selkirk View Post
I hate the fact that you can't avoid a spoiler if you quote it.

Anyway, I thought that from the fact that her mother couldn't face the right direction to wave goodbye. It did seem a strange action if she was blind since she'd at least be able to hear which direction they were headed in. I guess she's just eccentric (or emotional).
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I have to disagree a bit because they still haven't lost the touch of slowing things down up to at least episode 10. And they went 50+ episodes and most were still very slice of life, if at the least, episodic content plus the slice of life aspect. I really have to disagree that slice of life anime is all that ambiguous. Want ambiguous? How about 'shonen' titles? Or shoujo? I think slice of life is a very specific aspect of anime in terms of their focus, unlike the other amalgam genres out there that base its identity from its target audience (which also is becoming ambiguous). That said, I do think it's impossible to tag an anime *only* as slice of life. Because they all aim for something. I guess unless it is truly wishy washy in their 'slife of life'ness like Binbou Shimai Monogatari.

The thing with slice of life is that it tends to be tagged alongside the other genre aspect as well. Again, I think Anime News Network has it right if they're saying Azumanga was a Comedy + Slice of Life. That was EXACTLY what it was.
Certainly, genre labels will always be ambiguous. We're talking about in terms of relatives now, I've no argument that "shounen" and "shoujo" are far more ambiguous than other genre categories, and it wouldn't surprise me if the distinction became antiquated in ten years time.

I was about to object to determining genre by characteristics rather than by definition, but then I realized that we all do this, at least on a subconscious level, so I'm going to stop now. The line between "slice-of-life" and "character-driven drama" is so fine anyway, that half the time it's not really all that worth considering.

Originally Posted by SuperKnuckles View Post
Didn't you just answer your own question? Because a lot of HAL Film Maker anime as of the last few years were mostly slice of life style affair. Especially with Somebody's Dreamers, that will most indefinitely continue. Unless Sora goes nuts and has superheroine suits and powers like with a certain girl in Mission E (Code E's sequel, Code E was obviously almost 100% slice of life. In Mission E, it looks totally the opposite).
I wouldn't call Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokura-chan or Yotsunoha slice-of-life. Most of what they do is slice-of-life, but not all.
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