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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Mine! Stay away from my crossdressing cutie!
....! You again! Stop trying to steal my waifus!

Originally Posted by triskelion View Post
Are you sure China is right? That looks like Yoko Hikasa, who voices Houki.
You're correct, China and Japan have been mixed up.

Originally Posted by Dahak86 View Post
some shoops, courtesy of 2ch. -- (I'd like a translation of the ones containing text, thx):
Charlotte vs Rin. pick your choice =>
Easiest choice I've ever had to make. Charlotte all the way!

Originally Posted by Dahak86 View Post
Too many kanjis for me... all I'm going to say is that Cecilia, Houki and Lin are described as "idiots"

Originally Posted by Dahak86 View Post
Charl: "Haa...It's my first time so...
Please be gentle with me..."

Originally Posted by demonfang View Post
Here's a pic to kill SaintessHeart on the spot

Spoiler for Charlotte + Laura cosplaying as cats:

Did they steal Pikachuko's pajamas? Either way HNNNNGGGGG

Originally Posted by zerodragon View Post
file is too large. is there something I need to put before or after the link?
You have to resize them. These should work:

Rize and Kaneki
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