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Originally Posted by Vigilantia View Post
Thanks for the responses both of you ^_^.

Now here's the main part of my question: Saber wished to obtain the Holy Grail to switch the sword choice selection. In essence, she wanted to use the Grail's massive amount of mana to enact the 5th true magic, Time Travel. Was this even possible? I recall Tohsaka mentioning at the end of HF that not even the Holy Grail had the ability to resurrect someone from the dead (which would be considered the 3rd true magic).

Sorry if these have been asked before but I only finished F/SN this year and havent had the 6 years of experience of you guys. (I also searched through most of the pages in this thread but nothing really stuck out >.<)
It's highly questionable if it is possible, actually (for the reasons you suggested), but from Alaya's viewpoint it doesn't matter. Saber merely wished for the Grail, she did not wish to be able to perform any specific action with it.

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But after the third war, the ability to make a wish was null since it was corrupt, right?
No, it still grants wishes. It just does so in a way which results in the most destruction possible.
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