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You're completely missing the point. He's a sniper. He needs to be a quiet professional. Off the job he could be cheerful and flamboyant and all, but on the job he has to be focused and professional - not a loud-mouthed thrill seeker.

(As an aside note: Not the be a racist - god knows I'm not a whitey, even though I can speak with American and British accents IRL - but am I right in guessing that English is not your primary language? That's the only reason I can think of for why we seem to be having communication difficulties.)

And you're completely missing some other points as well... leg shots can still kill people - there's no such thing as only a flesh wound in real life. Shooting the legs is in fact quite problematic because if the round is powerful enough you'll blow off the limb and the target bleeds to death rapidly. (Which is what MacMillan and Price were reasonably counting on to finish off Zhakaev. Didn't take, unfortunately, due to plot armor.)

Tranq rounds... possible but not likely. You'll have to do some explaining - and also note that any round, regardless if it's lethal or supposedly less lethal like a rubber bullet, will cause fatalities if aimed at the head.

Not to say that sniping can't work - goodness knows we've got Reki, and I've got two OCs taking Snipe electives, but the mindset, that's crucial.

Basically, Lev strikes me too much as a sniper Leeroy Jenkins.
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