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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Gertrude Freiherr Immelmann
“Red Baron”
Affiliation: SSR - 15
Voice: Minako Kotobuki

What began as a means to breed the finest super-soldiers for the Third Reich, the 1st Schwarzehase has changed lieges many times, until its current incarnation under the blessings of NATO and the international Butei Corps. Each generation of eugenic pairing yielded stronger and stronger results, with the current generation deemed worthy to be called Artificial Choutei. It is from this pristine pedigree that Gertrude comes from. Descendent of many notable Luftwaffe aces from the Red Baron to Gertrude Barkhorn (making her and Karla distant cousins), Immelmann is a fearsome predator of the skies. While transports, gunships and fighters are her thing, Immelmann is not shy on the ground. Her body was bred for strength, resilience and agility, which was then enhanced with prosthetics. She cannot hurl tanks or chase cheetahs like Suzumeno Manami can, or turn invisible and teleport like Hajime Yanko, but Gertrude can still run a marathon while lugging 100kilos of gear effortlessly, or punch like a truck, or both. She oozes cold steel logic, speaks her mind as she see fit and detests artistic pursuits or excessive expressions of emotion. In spite of all this, Gertrude finds herself drawn to cute fluffy items and music, which leaves her at a loss and would do her best to keep her composure when others are around (Alone, she gives in more readily). Having taken an elective at the Stargate facility in Langrange, USA, Gertrude is the team specialist for extra-sensory perception, psychic forensics and counter-esper operations. An esper herself, she is also taking extra classes on the subject from Prof Xie. She wears a swimsuit-like garment under her Butei uniform which protects her core bionics from EMP and electronic warfare. She contested the class rep position because she believes that Alistair is unworthy of the position given her rep, and if no one volunteered the class would fall into disrepute. She is the designated pilot of Professor’s SR-79 Blackbird transport.


A German super-soldier done right should be moe as well as cool.
I think that Red Baron will enjoy meeting a certain antagonist/anti-protagonist that I'm making, namely, a certain descendant from Michael Wittman, the famous WWII Tank Ace.
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