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I understand the underlying plot point. What I find disturbing are the viewers who gloat about it, relishing it in ways a 10-year-old misanthrope would when he burns a kitten or kicks a puppy.

Violence is the last thing in the world we should ever celebrate. It may be necessary at times, but it's always a necessary evil at best.
I think people are praising him his ability to do what he says rather just preaching about like unlike most shounen protags. You can see this in how he saves and cares for his friends like Armin or how he joined Military and became part of the top 10.

Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
It's not the violence, but some viewers' reactions to the violence that disturbs me.

The idea that Eren is somehow more heroic and better than "generic shounen heroes" because of this childhood tragedy boggles me. There's nothing heroic at all about being stupidly reckless. To me, this episode only serves to cement my view of Eren as an annoying brat who doesn't know his place.
Being heroic and being foolhardly are not mutually exclusive though. In fact heroism often stems from that sort of thing. Heroes usual tend to defly common sense and do things other people can't or won't by betting their lives on the line. It's certainly crazy thing he did, but I'm not going condemned Eren for it because his intentions were good and his rage and disgust at those men understandable. He succeed at what set out to do and helped Mikasa avenge her parents for her sake.

I also get now why his father allowed him to join the Recon Corps without any protest.

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Also, unlike the older Eren, young Eren didn't simply charge into the place. He was quite calculated. First, he pretended to be lost to survey the surrounding, and got a clean kill when the adult bent down so that Eren can reach his vitals. Then he backed off, closing the door, so that the pursuer has no view of his position. Then he used a knife attached to a broom to surprise his opponent and reach his heart. Eren miscalculated because he didn't see the third man. So unlike the older Eren that ran after the Titans, he was quite smart in his approach.
Yeah, most of what he did was planned, luck only came in when he missed the 3rd attacker, but his actions and words is what gave Mikasa the courage to fight.
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