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As per the petition, it would depend on if the rant is disrepectful of the subject and the fans. If it's just "XXX was so dumb this episode, can't believe he didn't see that one comming." then it would be just a friendly banter and it would be fine. If you take that same statement and blow it out of proportion in a glorified wall of text and engage/target other fans of the show with it, and also repeat it episode after episode, then that would probably be better expressed in it's own (separate) topic. And if by chance it's not worthy of it's own topic, then obviously it's a not worthy of disrupting the thread either and hence should be removed. Or at least that would be the simple logic for this particular case, IMO...

I wrote the petition in a general form; not necesarly my own views. Everyone is free to interpret the small details as they wish. I believe the general idea of it would be understood the same by everyone though.

@Marcus H.

This has been a reucurring problem is not simply directed at the case/quote there.
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