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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
I think it's a very dangerous idea that polarizing or extremist viewpoints should be barred from presence in the thread. You shouldn't be not able to post just because some people don't like it.
The petition wouldn't actually prevent them from posting; it just encourages them to post in appropriate sections.

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Repeated and consistent over the top rants are already covered under the forum rules as "cyclical topics". That is if someone entered a thread and kept making the same kind of rant every friggin episode that is already covered.
The problem with the current rules is that they are so slow to take effect that the thread has already derailed into meta and or some other problems. And even after the moderators have intervened the drama is still there. Also as described in the petition when problems are fixed after the fact it usually leads to the entire dicussion being destroyed in the process. So for example you can't talk AT ALL about the "childish" animation in the Gundam AGE threads because some people went out of their way to make it the end of the word. And to clarify, what I mean by talk is mostly teas or joke about it; you can't do that with out fearing getting banned by a mod misinterpretting it.

The current way is to completely censor a thread.
The proposed way is to redirect it from the start so there's never a issue.

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Essentially the problem can easily be solved without changing any rules.

Solutions include
  1. Ignore List
  2. Getting a grip
  3. Not responding to people that you feel will lead to a heated debate
  4. Not taking the internet so seriously

Essentially, we'd have to say to people "post better" and really... for a casual discussion that is just not viable. Just don't aim attacks at people and I don't see the issue.
Or they could just post in their own thread, so as per the petition they wouldn't be addressing mostly people who disagree with them; which seems to be the intention of some of them: intentionally stirring up a debate.

[edit] Lets say I add X and Y to the ignore list. What of the other people like the person who I quoted in the opening post. I'm certainly not gonna add them to the ignore list. The thread gets disrupted even if I ignore list the 2-3 posters reponsible for the mess.

Originally Posted by NeoChan View Post
It's like proof reading every post for negative statements... that would be time consuming unless, the post must bypass an MOD before being posted in a thread... Oh, censorship....
No, it would just mean we can report and ask for certain post to be moved to their own topic if it's a pure rant, or repeating criticism over and over. Currently you can't do that; it will never pass. What will happen is the problem will escalate until thread will get censored to the point of posts being deleted once moderators start seeing the problem—which is too harsh, too little and too late.
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