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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
I'm hoping whoever it is, is strong enough to free Ichigo. He or she also has to be so incredibly unexpected that even Urahara would be caught by surprise.

Honestly, I'm hoping it'll be a Squad Zero member. But to be able to slice an enemy clean in half with such power, and then immediately point their blade in front of Urahara in such a manner also makes the idea of it being Gin somewhat plausible I suppose. Granted, he should be dead. But I don't believe we ever saw his body actually break down into spirit particles. So maybe his popularity kept him alive somehow.

I'd mention Nel and Grimmjow, but those have already been predicted.

The only other possibilities that come to mind are one of the remaining Vizards in KT.

So for this week, I'm going to make an unlikely prediction--Kirio Hikifune.
I like the idea of Hikifune appearing, being the only zero squad member we know of. Here is my list of likely suspects:

A Zero Squad Member: Plausible.

Isshin: Plausible, but that wouldn't really explain why there's a sword pointed at Urahara.

Gin: Extremely Unlikely...Lol...I can't believe I'm even mentioning this, but the speed could be Gins, and the rate of how the sword reached Urahara.

An Arrancar: Most Likely. Personally Grimmjow seems most likely of the KNOWN characters, considering the aggression, and the fan demand, and the fact that of the only two espada confirmed to have survived, Nel has been introduced so early, leads me to believe this is Grimmjow. Nel I just don't see coming. An arrancar we don't know of is a possibilty.

Aizen: Unlikely. Lolwut, Aizen out so early . The big gatekeeper guy attacking and all could have been illusion induced, but I doubt it. Most likely ANOTHER quincy ability that makes shinigami look like little kids with metal sticks. Aizen wouldn't be out this easy, all I gotta say.

Edit: Actually, a vizard, like Hiyori is likely

I think I've covered most of the suspects
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