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Okay, I don't really see what I said that was unfair to be honest. I mean I did say that the inner thoughts and monologues were not necessary (since the anime also made it clear that their feelings for one another surpassed the feelings they had for their crushes), but that by implementing some of these thoughts they would've made the show even better in my opinion. I guess it's a matter of opinion really. Inner thoughts and monologues are "unspoken lines" and to replace those with regular blush-scenes that simply stress the point (in a pretty non-subtle way) that "something is there" is not my idea of a perfect solution. It's very hard to do it any other way though, without actually having the seiyuu reading the lines which might end up disrupting the flow of the scene.

Anyhow, I do view the novel and the adaptation as two different entities. The anime does tell the story in its own way and does it really well. This thing I was saying about the lack of inner thoughts and monologues is not a problem that I have with the anime Toradora! in particular, it's more like a problem I have with visual mediums in comparison to novels. Hmm... I think it would be unfair of me to compare them. If I never read the novels I wouldn't have had anything to say about that after all. =)
Simply put there is far more actual story being told in the novels than there is in the anime. It would take three or four seasons to duplicate the novel storytelling in its entirety, and it does disappoint me it had to be rushed so much to tell it in one season, but I'm grateful the anime was made either way.
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