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You really want this, don't you ? The only reason why I'm so adamant in my claim that Luffy is not shichibukai level yet is because he defeated two of them illegitimately. Oda carefully orchestrated those two fights to give Luffy some kind of advantage. Luffy has yet to beat a warlord without help, special circumstances, or a major handicap in his favor. He needs to beat one fair and square, much like his victory over Rob Lucci. Luffy was unarguably the stronger of the two in that case.
Let's not go over this again luffy beat 2 warlords. If you think they story give him a advantage that up to you. But that's in the past and the same way you think they luffy had a advantage ,i think it's the other way around, both warlords had advantage over him . Plus it not like all warlords are the same in power any way . Warlord level is already hax since mihawk is warlord , there is no way luffy going to be as strong at this point in the story as some one who might not get beat until near end .So you can't really group all the warlords together.

Saw the new spoiler looks like the first set might be real but still going to wait until we get more info.
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