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Whoa. That was intense. So much emotion, positive and negative. Things are moving smoothly too. The hunt for the necklace was dumb though. There ain't no way it's still there, even if there was a landslide. The bath scene was good too. I am really liking how they aren't censoring anything, as in omitting the sex like in F/SN.

And swimsuit play...

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And I still don't get the gigantic Akira head thing. And there's the fact that her eyes wobble constantly...
Yeah. Can anyone explain that??

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Wow, I'm suprised that they
Spoiler for Episode 4 and 5:
I saw it was 2nd base. Not bad for the first time Haru.

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Its quite sad that they can only have 2 episodes for each arc unlike Amagami with 4 episodes... It sorta speeds through the romance as you said Skyfall, trying to cram everything in there... The bath scene in fast pace seemed to be put well.. If it wasn't for the fact that it only had 2 episodes..
It helps that they don't put in extra, useless stuff and focus on what's important.
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