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^ That is a wonderful take on the subject but I think most writters of such stories are not taking any risks at all. Problems like pregnancy or finding a job means making stories with lots of RESPONSIBILITIES because they are IMPORTANT PROBLEMS. Yet in order to cater the low-tier fans, this must never happen. Indecisive leads simply NEVER take responsibility for anything; they are just frakking around all the time as if their choices will never get them to trouble. That is the core problem here; the authors don't want to make the readers feel anxiety in a genre they consider to be escapism.

What are harems after all if not games and series that tell you "Real life sucks because it is full of serious problems like making money and being responsible in whatever you are doing. Well forget that because in this world nothing is serious, you will never be held accountable for anything." And the way they achieve this is by making everything feel like a joke with zero implications on the characters.

He looks at other women? No problem. He can't reveal his feelings? No problem? He was caught stealing underwear? No problem. NOTHING IS SERIOUS IN A STEREOTYPICAL HAREM WITH SUCH A CHARACTER.

And assuming someone creates a story where a character does deal with all those issues, it will be full of cheating, sex, pregnancies, taxes, bills, poverty, disappointment and lots of other shitz the average harem fan reads or plays in order to NOT BE REMINDED OF ALL THAT.

A manga that somewhat deals with all that is Ressentiment, although it also has its share of fooling around.
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