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It really depends on the context of the show. An indecisive main character can work great in one setting and can be a complete turn off in another.

I believe the indecisive main works best in, you guessed it, harems. Why? Well, harems, regardless of personal opinions, are made for two things: comedy and fanservice. Obviously, a small army of girls must be introduced to lust after the main character and these girls must get their time in the camera, whether it be to show panty flashes or for character development. If the main character were decisive, and picked a girl right from the beginning, began dating her, and refused the other girl's advances then the anime wouldn't last an episode. If you want to milk the anime for what it's worth than it has to last a while with the eventual 'revalation' episode about who the main wants happening at the end. Thus the indecisive lead works well here.

In other anime, that don't have a harem context, not so much. For example, I would hate to watch an action anime about an indecisive lead (oh wait , I already do). An anime that completely focuses on one person who can't decide whether they want to go down path A or path B and meander about in a show that prides itself on action packed battes is very boring and begins to irritate the viewer. The only reason Magical Madoka is still keeping my interest is that the side characters are interesting and the world is intriguing. If the show was only about indecisive Madoka than I'd drop it faster than a hot potato.
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