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This is why I liked Haruka from Yosuga no Sora. He doesn't hesitate one bit to become God's gift to women. This is what people would really do in such a ridiculous environment.

But regardless, the indecisive and flat type of character which often experiences negative development will plague anime as long as there is a need to contrive romance in a story where it doesn't belong. You guys suck at writing romance! Stop! Well, but then again I can't just tell people to not want money-- we all do. And romance sells.

We want to see characters grow and react to the events that happen to them. If someone starts out indecisive and reaches some kind of realization, that's fine to me. It could be a positive or negative change. If the person is still the same at the end, then what the hell was the point of the show?

Originally Posted by Genten View Post
The only reason Magical Madoka is still keeping my interest is that the side characters are interesting and the world is intriguing. If the show was only about indecisive Madoka than I'd drop it faster than a hot potato.
In the case of Madoka it's actually more practical of her to remain indecisive at this point, given that rushing into a decision has led to really bad things. She's just really mindscrewed at this point.
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