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Originally Posted by Shiikamayo View Post
Now that I think about it though, Charlotte may actually be at disadvantage over the other girls in winning Ichika's affection. It's entirely possible that due to Chifuyu's influence growing up, Ichika may have at the very least a strong predisposition to girls with kuudere/tsundere characteristics. With this in mind, one could argue that Charlotte has the polar opposite personality of what Ichika may like in a woman compared to say... Houki who's practically Chifuyu Lite. While the audience might see Charlotte as the clear choice for a long happy marriage with 2.5 kids, Ichika might actually subconsciously like a girl to kick him in the face every so often. If this is the case, I hope Charlotte can teach Ichika the wonders of being in a loving relationship that doesn't involve repeated outbursts of domestic violence.
o.0. What makes you think Chifuyu is a tsundere/kuudere? She isn't at all like Houki. It's so freaking obvious that she is the perfect and serious type. If you were the older sibling and your parents weren't around, you would have to adorn that cold, straightforward attitude to ensure survival of yourself and your sibling. Just how it is. I don't get why you think Ichika suffered domestic abuse from Chifuyu? From what I gathered, theirs was clearly a loving relationship with the older sister working hard for her brother and the brother trying to follow in her path/trying to grow up so he can be the one doing the protecting. I don't get why you think a teacher's remarks when a student appears to be offtrack can be compared to an idiot tsundere's tsun antics.

Among the girls, Char is way more like Chifuyu than Houki or Laura or anyone else. She does her job, doesn't talk too much, cares about Ichika and is very efficient.

You could say Laura is efficient but Chifuyu herself told us that Laura is unstable and haughty. And she was not at all efficient in her fight against CharxIchika. I bet Chifuyu would have kept a cool head, helped her ally and only go for the win. Unlike Laura the mega idiot who tries to do everything on her own, ignores her ally and loses her cool when in a pinch.

Now Houki doesn't talk much either, but she is just another tsundere who isn't anywhere near as efficient at dealing with her emotions or with her skills. And she is dishonest with her feelings. We have never seen Chifuyu deny that she cares for Ichika (as a sister only perhaps, if or not she cares for him beyond that we shall never know thanks to her mechanical demeanor).

The only girl (among the Harem girls) who is calm no matter what and does just enough of what needs to be done is Char with the difference being that she is younger, more lively and more open than Chifuyu and doesn't give the impression that she is hiding under a mechanical facade. I like Chifuyu too and frankly, I don't know enough about her to rank her among the girls (I don't think she is a competitor anyway) but she is pretty damn good. Only that I would most definitely prefer my girl to be more open with her feminine side and not feel so robotic. Bottomline, Char > all and Char is the closest to Chifuyu in terms of perfection although for me, Char is more perfect than Chifuyu precisely because she isn't (and isn't trying too hard to be) perfect.

By and By if the series develops a good enough foresight into how Chifuyu really is beyond her facade(not necessarily behind... I think the mechanical method of life is just something she had to adopt to cope with the harshness and as much a part of her as anything... been there done that myself), I might come to like her more than Char. Her character has potential to be developed into something awesome, to say the least. Every other girl in the series thus far except Chifuyu and Char gave the impression that they had been labeled "TRASH" with effing big letters in their forehead.
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