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Originally Posted by Nanaya27 View Post
Haven't put a great deal of thought into it, but atm I don't like it very much. Though it is quite possible, since Tohya doesn't actually remember the details leading up to him waking up in Ikuko's house very well. Once Yasu realized he couldn't remember, she would step back and think "it's better this way". And, how do I say this? Ikuko=Yasu would fit in with them not being married, since Yasu doesn't have the equipment for sealing the deal and would be ashamed. But I don't mean to imply that there isn't an intimate relationship between Ikuko and Tohya in the case that she isn't Yasu. We just don't get to see it.

Anyways, I think the fact that Featherine wanted an answer check points away from Ikuko being Yasu. And I think she would have shown some sign of it when Ange took them to Fukuin. Though I might be wrong, there may be some really big hint pointing towards it that I haven't seen, or I may suddenly start liking the idea at some point, that's my opinion right now.
There are a fair number of hints.

Spoiler for my usual Ikuko=Yasu arguments; skip if you've heard 'em before:
Spoiler for new Ikuko=Yasu arguments:
That's not all but I don't feel like expending the energy to articulate any more at the moment.

Originally Posted by Nanaya27 View Post
About the deal with the epitaph. I basically agree with Jan-Poo here, neither piece-Yasu nor Yasu the author had all that much reason to follow it to the letter. Though there is a very interesting interpretation of how solving the epitaph fits with fake murders:

Spoiler for epitaph stuff:
I've thought the exact same thing about the end of the epitaph (though I doubt we are the first to do so). Yasu's interpretation of the epitaph is most certainly the inspiration for the murder game. I say game because no one could be resurrected if she actually killed them; it wouldn't be magic!

I think Yasu probably survived and wrote Legend and Turn after the incident, somehow constructing the message-in-a-bottle scenario to make them appear to have been written pre-incident (which would totally be in Yasu's/Beatrice's style). I think her murder game played a part in the tragedy, and that it was her own feelings of guilt which compelled her to write herself as an actual murderer.
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