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I want to try and get my ideas about those points across. Don't get me wrong, I would have liked for Ikuko to actually be Yasu or another form of culprit that actually did it, but I think there is ot enough hard evidence and actually more that speaks against it. The biggest point against it is how Featherine and Beatrice are always depicted as two very different existences with very different points of view and experiences.
Well, that's easy. Meta-Beatrice was born of a thousand years of waiting for Battler and exists to engage the Battler of 1986. Ikuko has lived at least 12+ years longer than that (which would be, like, 2000 years of witch time) and done many more things.

Even if they were once the same person, if you took a snapshot of them at the moment of their genesis, and looked at it independent of any context, you would see two different people, just as you'd arguably say the Yasu of 1980 and the Yasu of 1986 were different. Certainly a meta-representation of these individuals would be different, or at least could be.

Also, Beatrice died. She couldn't survive and maintain her catbox. But personalities can die (HEH) and so if Beatrice dies and her creator lives, she'd need a new meta-identity as she could no longer use the one she'd been using before.
Redaction of the Golden Witch
I submit that a murder was committed in 1996.
This murder was a "copycat" crime inspired by our tales of 1986.
This story is a redacted confession.

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