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Beatrice is incapable of going out into the world. She had to stay behind on Rokkenjima. Whether that means Yasu did as well (through suicide or, well, I guess just staying there) doesn't really seem to be relevant.

But if Yasu did leave, which if she did not die would obviously be something she'd have to do, she couldn't be Beatrice anymore.

Meta-Beatrice doesn't really matter to this argument as the Meta-World is unrelated to the ideas which can spring forth as characters there (more or less). The Beatrice-That-Was can't and doesn't leave the island, her catbox is sealed up and her legend is born, and if her creator survived in actuality, she'd be unable to use that imagery anymore. The possibility of taking on another identity is strengthened by that... particularly since, after all, anyone surviving Rokkenjima other than Eva would have to take on a literal new identity.

You do that for a decade or two and who knows what your meta-representation looks like?
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