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Now considering your idea, it was basically established that Tya was a total recluse who did not even actively seem to have a conversation with the frickin' servants and let Ikuko handle everything. All he did was stay in her house and provide her with the necessary groundwork for her to write it into a cohesive whole. Now this could be Rykishi not really thinking things through (like the idea of Shion surviving in the woods of Hinamizawa and looking smashing...maybe ), but having them basically split up for some time...that seems kind of bad for Tya's living conditions, especially when you consider that within the meta-frame it was Beatrice who was paralyzed for one whole round of the game.
It depends on the form of the fight, but they'd been living together for at least 12 years by the time they wrote EP4. I find it hard to believe Ikuko would withhold food or something, or that Tohya would be completely incapable of interacting with the household servants regardless of how reclusive he was. In any case, EP4 Beatrice seemed deeply depressed at the end rather than angry, so perhaps I should say that Ikuko herself was depressed, but that manifested in a refusal to write anymore, not completely cutting Tohya off from human contact.

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Also it was less Battler's incompetence but more Beato being tired of suffering only to entertain the spectating witches what made her retreat into her shell. Battler did promise her at the end of EP4 that he would solve her final question and she actually wished to be killed...not for him to beat the game but for him to kill her, to crush her. That would be kinda strange if it were Ikuko talking, wouldn't it?!
I think you're equating them a little too closely. As a meta-entity, I think that Beatrice is basically representative of a thought process. We were told repeatedly how meta-entities live only when they're thinking, and die the moment they stop. We even saw how Meta-Battler briefly ceased to exist as a result of being attacked with a line of reasoning he didn't want to think about. In Meta-Beatrice's case, the thought process sustaining her is the desire for Tohya to solve the mystery and remember his promise. Killing her would translate into either fulfilling that hope or causing Ikuko to give up on it completely. It needn't correspond to Ikuko herself being suicidal.

As for the spectating witches, they're something Meta-Beatrice tolerated because she thought there was a chance they could help Battler succeed, right? So if she thought that chance vanished, then the reason to continue putting up with Lambda and Bern would vanish as well. Bern in particular is basically the avatar of the Witch Hunters, and Ikuko was pretty negative about her readers in EP6, so you have to imagine that she must have had some kind of bad experience with them.

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And about Featherine's comments regarding EP6, which is clearly a story by Tya/Battler to Beatrice, not only does she refer to it as her work which she wants Ange as her medium read to her, she also says that it contains a solution she arrived at. For her to arrive at a solution she must have been seperated from it...pretty difficult for the one who is supposed to be the culprit.
Hold on. "Tohya" said it was her work, but Featherine said it was Battler's work, which she was just observing. Since we're talking about the meta-world, shouldn't Featherine be the one who counts here? We know the meeting with "Tohya" never happened in reality, so it could just be an illusion created by Featherine to summon Ange.

Originally Posted by haguruma View Post
Also she says that she is still uncertain about several things, like if the way the two Beatos behave can be applied to the culprit using the veil of fantasy in 1986 as well...why should she be uncertain about it? She's so cocky all the time, shouldn't she be even cockier when she truly knew what was going on?
And this even only fully applies if you regard Featherine in EP6 as a 1:1 representation of Ikuko...
Well, if it's not her work, it shouldn't be strange that she would be uncertain about it. Even if it allegedly demonstrates the truth of her own stories, she can't know ahead of time whether it really does so, or how the characters Tohya created will behave, or what tricks will appear.
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