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Originally Posted by Arya View Post
I think that the point is that he can't stand that truth. So he didn't choose who has always been by his side. He chose who didn't side with that truth. It is different. He doesn't trust anyone. He doesn't know what trust is. He doesn't know anything. He kept living in a delusion. He has never tried to understand. As that dude said in this episode, he is like a stupid dog.
Spoiler for episode 22:

I think that's definately part of it, but I also think that if he didn't trust Yuno as much as he does, he could have been convinced that Hinata was telling him the truth.

Basically, if Yuno hadn't called him up and told him he was being betrayed, he might have listened to his frieds. Him not wanting to believe them was a big part of it, but his faith in Yuno tipped the scales.

Originally Posted by TheForsaken View Post
Okay, so in a few episodes before people hated Yukki because he didn't trust Yuno, now they hate him because he trusts her.
People hated Yukki because he was unable to kill, now they hate him because he kills.
Seriously, what do you want exactly?
They want a protaganist that always makes the right choices on who to trust, when to trust them and how much they should trust them. The same for killing - they want a badass who is fine with killing people who oppose him, but not when they actually like the characters/its the wrong choice, even if they are opposing him, and he doesn't understand why.

Escentially, they want perfection. Unfortunately for them, Yukki's personal and moral stuggle through this hell is one of the bigger parts of the show and one of the thing that makes him interesting as a character

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