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But what really threw me off balance was the kiss Akise gave Yukki....... I didnt notice Akise was in love with Yukki. Now, I have seen a yaoi or two, so this isnt upsetting me in any way, I just didnt expect it. And somehow I prefer to see this kind of stuff in genres specifically reserved for it (= yaoi/yuri). In a normal anime this catches me unpleasantly off guard. Also.... Akise is into BL? He never came across that way.
Akise's obsession with Yukki was a bit more apparent in the manga. I remember that the anime didn't show the scene in the manga where Akise somewhat touched Yukki's butt, and also his encounter with Yukki in the Paradox spin-off ... There are signs that show his his subtle dedication to Yukki before too, though I guess the anime downplayed it a bit. Before this episode I even thought that the kiss might not happen, and they did it, so I was kinda surprised as well .
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