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I tend to think talking about Yuki's decision this week in terms of trusting Yuno (or not) isn't quite the right angle, honestly. This eek it basically came down to choosing to believe the route that'd leave open the option of his being a "good guy". Specifically:

He wants to win so he can revive everyone. If that can't happen he's just another murderer. Believeing Hinata is dangerous for two reasons: firstly, if she's right about what Deus told Akise it means Yuki can't actually be a good guy, because his strategy just won't work; second, if she *is* "betraying" Yuki to let 8th win, then Yuki's likewise going to be unable to be a "good guy", because he'll be dead.

So then when Yuno calls him she makes it easy for Yuki: first, she tells him something he can easily believe based on what he's already seen -- he'd totally believe that Akise would've tried to kill Yuno, because that's how things were when Yuki left -- and then since he thinks she's telling the truth about the first part it's easy for him to believe the second part, too, especially since it's what he wants to believe anyways.

It's due to these reasons that I think the Akise kiss is there for more than just trolling Yuno and referencing Kaoru. It demonstrates to Yuki that Akise's motivations might actually be sincere -- motivated by the exactly the same thing that Yuno's seemingly motivated by -- which then makes it easier for Yuki to believe that Akise's being honest with him. So yeah, this episode's scenes do seem to at least have some above-normal depth of characterization included in the planning, even if it's not made obvious in the execution (or even executed that well, imho).
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