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Originally Posted by jesh462 View Post
TheSix: I have been wanting to watch Macross for a very long time, I've just had no clue where to start and it kept getting pushed onto the back burner. I'll watch Macross after Otona Joshi no Anime Time and Stein's Gate, which comes after the two shows I'm currently going through. (Battleship Yamato 2199 and Kotoura-san)
It'll be fairly soon though, as I'm alone in the house for two weeks, and there's only so much cleaning I can do before everything is spotless.
You've got quite a few space opera series on your plate. I'm sure someday, you'll find time to watch The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, although there has been a new announcement a week ago about a new adaptation of the series.

As for Macross, start with Super Dimension Fortress Macross, then Macross Zero (prequel), then Macross Plus (sequel), then skip Macross 7, and go straight to Macross Frontier. I've never been a fan of Macross 7, but I do admit that I never finished watching it either. You can watch Macross II, which I found entertaining, but it is not part of the continuation of the storyline. Think of it as an alternate timeline, although the main reason had to do with who had rights to the Macross franchise.
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