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I found Frontier worked just fine as a "gateway" series for the franchise, in fact I found it easier to appreciate some of the older Macross material after Frontier (I initially tried some of the older Macross material when Frontier was early on in its run) though that could just be me. Frontier was generally designed to be highly accessible to newcomers but there are a couple episodes during the second quarter (a bit of a weak stretch) which are more appreciable if you're familiar with Macross Zero and the film version of the original series.

Regardless of the order you take, if you're going to watch Frontier get the 32 minute extended edition of the first episode. It's way better than the TV broadcast version.

I'd also recommend a movie called The Princess and the Pilot which I'd recently been reminded of due to the TV spin off/sequel that started airing earlier this year. Its only about a hundred minutes long and very efficiently paced, though perhaps rather predictable (its one of those films whose reaction from different viewers shows how blurry the line between timeless and cliche can be ).

Spoiler for Japanese Trailer and My Attempt at a Plot Summary:

FWIW I really like stuff with fighter planes, but not all anime with fighter planes is created equal -storytelling counts.
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