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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
As for Macross, start with Super Dimension Fortress Macross, then Macross Zero (prequel), then Macross Plus (sequel), then skip Macross 7, and go straight to Macross Frontier. I've never been a fan of Macross 7, but I do admit that I never finished watching it either. You can watch Macross II, which I found entertaining, but it is not part of the continuation of the storyline. Think of it as an alternate timeline, although the main reason had to do with who had rights to the Macross franchise.
If he doesn't have anything against typical 90's anime, then i wouldn't recommend skipping Macross 7. The plethora of amazing songs and a couple of interesting characters make it worth the time for any person interested in Macross.

And the content in 7 is obviously a lot more relevant to the world of Macross than the unofficial Macross II, not to mention fairly better.
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