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Originally Posted by nicky. View Post
I appreciate the sensible conclusion you come to, ark. I too thought it was nothing more than average LN crap.
mmm, not sure how you could dismiss this as average LN crap, honestly. If this is average crap, how do you evaluate things like rokudenashi majutsu?

Personally I'm with Dawnstorm and Harry here. And this is just the first episode, I'm not saying it's perfect, but all in all you can tell there's competence, they know what they are doing. So far. And they better know it, since the path they seem they want to take strongly needs it to avoid going astray

As I said this is the first episode and it could be easily a set up episode, having the story bend toward a more cliched path from the next onward, having the MC dealing with the girls jumping from a trope to the other. Time will tell.

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