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It's VII that is with Tre, so we still don't know the whereabout of XII.
Hmm... I was wrong then. I thought I saw XII from nico's crappy raw, and from what she said of being born later, I assumed she was a double-digit. Thanks for the clear-up.

And so THAT's what nico's 9-11 comments were...I thought they were just being sarcastic about the attack on the tower...Tuduki lol.

And what do you mean by polearm/yellow magic circle? Sorry, didn't catch the reference.

And looks like our temperature-induced speculation may indeed have some basis after all lol. Though that would imply that Sentoukijins (( or at least old models )) aren't mechanized to the extent of not being able to give birth... and that their off-springs are technically similar... or there's something Genya is hiding.
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