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Originally Posted by Tsukiyomi View Post
I like your theory and all, but the green doctor isn't Mao Nome. It's the purple haired grandma in the middle...Ranka is probably that lady's daughter, and sheryl is related to the Nome family of course. She may have a more important role than we think.

I think you didnīt read my post very clearly. I said that Sheryl and Ranshe Mei seem to be obviously related. I threw in a "or even Mao Nome", because we have nothing so far as of what happened to Mao in her life, besides "Sheīs a doctor of some sort".

Sheryl has the same surename as Mao. She looks like Ranshe Mei. Coincidences happen in real life all the time, but in a tightly plotted series, they normally add up to a connection of some type. Itīs called "foreshadowing".
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