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I think Nagisa and Tomoya's apartment is indeed close enough to walk to the Furukawa's. If you look in previous eps Nagisa gets walked home by Tomoya all the time, and I don't think she has her father drive her to Tomoya's house every morning. Also there's no hospital close by, they were building a new one for that reason.

Bah still seeing all the peope in this thread bash Nagisa and Tomoya is making me irritated haha. Seriously from the character's PoV it isn't 100% set it stone that Nagisa dies. The viewers get so much foreshadowing that they'd choke but fever + pregnent =/= INSTANT DEATH LOL. Oh well I don't feel like debating this >< I guess I'm a biased from having played the game and having a huge attachment to the characters.

Well the magical illness annoyed me a bit too, but explaning that plot device out is a huge spoiler that remains relevant even though Nagisa's dead.
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