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Thank to Eryops, i finally understand Bernkastel's identity (really thank there, mate ^^ )

To say the truth, the anime's directoring of the whole Higurashi's series suck, but i can't stop giving it the top score, because the anime+ this sub-forum + bit of novels and manga is a real masterpiece.

I means without the anime, a lots of ppl won't be able to get through the novel. To me, the anime is like a basic tree diagram where you watched through to get the main frame, then get the details (of parts you interest in) through the novel (have to thank kj1980 and Sushi-Y and LostBlue and everyone else for translating the tips =D ).

The ep itself was great (once again i have to say the anime directoring was really suck, so many long conversation, so many rush). Every time i thought no satisfying ending can be pulled off, Higurashi showed me that i was damn wrong (S1, Kai, Rei, all 3 of them...).

Finallly: I'm happy really. Because i decided to check out Higurashi; and because next time if someone asks me if i ever read a master piece novel, i will tell them that no Harry Porter or Twilight craps (my apologises to die-hard fans of these 2, but that's the truth) can be even compared to Higurashi
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