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Originally Posted by Star-Wing View Post
That is one AWESOME sig you did. Wow, exponential skills increase overnight? I have to disagree with Halad (no offense meant!)! The blue does go TOTALLY with your sig, especially because of his hand.
The bg rocks too, but it is kinda distracting (a bit only)...just try blurring the bg at the edges with a strength of 50 and near Ed with a strength of 25...blur Ed softly at the edges too.
And disagreeing with Ren (again, no offense meant), the text looks great where it is. Just decrease the size so it fits in his palm
No offense taken I just felt that the overall sig seemed a bit too blue, but Ed is a hard character to work with when it comes to sig, I have to say. A red or yellow filter makes his coat and hair stand out waay too much, while other colours just don't work sometimes.

I agree with you on the text. It's a cool placement Nice lighting example, too.
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