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Too many good tracks, it's criminal!

Full version of Save you from anything is

EDIT: After listening to every track now. Can definitely pick out my favorites (it was too difficult far too difficult!!)

For disc 1:
Track 2 - 手を伸ばし輪に誘う (Te wo Nobashi Rin ni Sasou)
Track 3 - 焦熱領域 (Shounetsu Ryouiki)
Track 9 - いつかの別れは未来形 (Itsuka no Wakare wa Miraikei)
Track 13 - 決意を秘めて (Ketsui wo Himete)
Track 23 - Jud.

For disc 2:
Track 2 - 勇気もて立ち向かう (Yuuki Mote Tachimukau)
Track 5 - Save you from anything
Track 6 - 幸いに咲く白の花 (Saiwai ni Saku Shiro no Hana)
Track 9 - 何もかも無駄ではなく (Nanimokami Muda de wa Naku)
Track 20 - 通し道歌・ピアノソロバージョン (Tooshi Douka - Piano Solo Version)

In disc 2 I really liked the instrumental versions of Tracks 21 & 22, loved those from S1 ost.
the lighter arrangements for tracks 23- 26 on disc 2 were great as well.

I don't think I've ever loved so many tracks from a single series before...

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