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too obvious..

they've put emphasis in a previous episode about how celes and the fat guy had a close relationship, since he was making tea for her.

then there was this meeting with monokuma, where tea was served, obviously it was celes. I can't think why she would be killed by monobear though, if she was the mole then monobear just killed his(?) own spy.

the guest (or celes, or yasuhiro taeko) was asking monobear about the 16th student, meaning the 16th student hasn't appeared yet. of course, this was already raised as a possibility during the first classroom trial, when they pointed out that there was space for 16 people.

then there's this episode, the 16th student was shown, celes was found to be the culprit with the help of yamada. I already knew about how yamada could've walked about, but I didn't see the significance of him wiping his glasses back in the infirmary.

I also asked before what kirigiri's talent was, I never got a straightforward answer, apart from that she's very talented, it became obvious what it was after the first trial.

now, is the 16th student a talentless classmate who has a grudge against his/her super talented classmates? is he the one behind monokuma? it looks like that student register would've shown all of them as classmates, and did super duper high school best girl know the 16th student would be there? too many questions remain.
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