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Hi everybody! I'm new here and I have some questions:
1. I found this topic yesterday. Since then I started downloading Higurashi manga. Now I have:
- Onikakushi to chapter 5
- Kimodameshi one chapter
- Utsutsukowashi to chapter 3
- Watanagashi to chapter 4
- Tatarigoroshi to chapter 6
- Hajisarashi one chapter
- Onisarashi to chapter 4 + prologue
- Yoigoshi to chapter 10
- Himatsubushi one chapter
It's all what I found. Is thats all what I can download at the moment? Or did I miss something?
2. On first page of this topic are few more titles:
- Nekogoroshi
- Kuradashi
- Meakashi
- Tsumihoroboshi
I couldn't find them anywhere, so I'm asking: Have they been already released? If yes, could you give me some links to download them?
(Sorry for my english XD)
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