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But looks like Touma is in serious trouble this time. The fight doesn't look to be nearly as easy as against fire guy. Kaori being the one who did that kind of damage to Index and the preview doesn't look promising for Touma. Either his right hand isn't effective or something is going on there. Maybe the middle school shocker can help him out.
Well, i assume it would be harder to block a sword with his hand, regardless if the sword is enhanced or not. It is, after all, a physical object never the less, unlike fire or some other form of energy. I am not sure if Mikoto is going to be popping up, but it should be interesting never the less when she does. Mikoto is quite powerful after all (against anyone but Touma) ... i am quite sure she could take on someone like Magnus relatively easily. If there is one distinctive advantage the esper abilities have over magic, its the fact the former doesn't need any incantations to use and can be wielded at will. So she could zap away while a mage would be busy reciting his prayers. I guess it is versatility (magic) VS more specialized powers and better control.
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