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Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
Nina didn't just want to "fit in". She truly wanted to become a better person... no matter how incredibly misguided and stupid her first attempts on that were.
And Euphie represented everything she wanted to be.
A big part of what Nina became in R2, was because of all the garbage Schneizel was feeding her. And each time, he told her "that's what Euphie would want you to believe".

And why wouldn't Nina believe him? Schneizel was Euphie's brother, shouldn't he know Euphie more than most? And the nice man was giving her nice dresses and all the funding she needs for her research, all for Euphie's sake...

Schneizel's actions were once defended by many posters on this forum for a long time. Some even suggested that he should become Emperor for there to be a happy ending, that he was somehow the only good guy in the show. Nina, Suzaku, and Ougi, at one point or another, had all became Schneizel's shield, blocking him from blame because they each made a spectacle of themselves and diverted attention away from the puppet master.

Schneizel was punished. Very severely might I add, by Lulu's standards. He became a servant of Zero for life, using his intellect to serve the world's protector against his will.
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