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Don't you mean Reinforce played by certain friends who knows how to be really cheap?

Yeah, but the main thing that balances out "cheapness" while perserving character diversity is speed. Battle of Aces used "stamina" as the axel bar instead, which...doesn't work. Since every character's dash covered the same daistance over the same time, Reinforce just runs away and Nightmares you.

In the anime they have, for example, Fate going at really high speeds (relative to other characters) and a strong speed factor would greatly advance the combat system (in my opinion at least).

If I were to guess, maybe they'll have a field with multiple characters playing multiple positions (center, left wing, right wing, rear guard, healer, etc.) and make it like a tactical combat interface such as the one seen in Vivid chapters 14-16.

In face, I'm sorry to say this, but I'd prefer if they left Force out of it. I just don't see how the Huckebein would fit in. I'm not sure how they'll get Force's Biology and Pure magic (the infections and the "negate all") to mix with Vivid's Martial Arts and Sci-fi/Set magic (Magic with rules and classified levels of power). I mean, can the Huckebein block Einhart's Falcon Punch? (I think not )
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