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Originally Posted by aliasxn View Post
I don't understand why so many people put Jenazzad on a pedestal... Without knowing the circumstances of their fight you can't take "the Elder had a difficult fight against him" to mean "he is as strong as the Elder". He attacked Hongo with an attack he was sure wouldn't fail, but Hongo had a counter-technique ready (and btw, a move which had been already been introduced some good 80 chapters ago, it didn't come out of nowhere) and landed a killing blow after tearing himself apart to create that opening. Where is the asspull? Or just because he is stronger he should have been inherently invulnerable to anything that Hongo tried?

i'm not really angry for Hongo victory..

I liked the fight, but, The demon was really more more strong than Hongo, we have seen that if the Demon was use his secret move, the only way for Hongo to survive, was crashing him-self to the ground, and after this Hongo was very injured, but Hongo make he secret move, at first didn't work, but Hongo used his intelligence to win the he did in the final blow.., i mean hit the elbow to sink the final blow..just Epic...

and for me is ok...but Hongo really took a lot of hit..and lost much for me a draw was more appropriate...

The demon lost basically because he was playing Shou did with Kenichi..

Shou was certainly more more strong than Kenichi, but he lost because instead to kill Kenichi,he was playing..and maybe is ok because shou was a Disciple..

The Demon but was old...he experience in fight was high compared to Hongo and Sakaki...

Probably time for the Elder to show up..and save the day...
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