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Originally Posted by kaito-kid View Post
To me Kira didn't look invincible, I thought he simply didn't have any worthy opponents.. In Seed he was up against Raw, The best pilot from CE. Who was he up against in Destiny? Ray? That's just insulting.

There were plenty of strong and interesting characters from the Seed / Destiny side stories that Fukuda could have used as Kira's main opponent. Kira's brother for example, he at least had a good and personal reason to fight against Kira. But in the end it had to be Ray.
Do you think that the Shinn-Kira duel is still not finished?

The final duel could have been Destiny vs. SFreedom, and Legend vs. IJustice and Akatsuki.

I know that Shinn defeated Kira in their first encounter, and the second encounter at Orb probably ended in a draw. Kira would still win round 3, but it wouldn't be a flawless victory, and both suits would be heavily damaged.

The way I see it, Luna would get involved, but after she gets Savioured by Kira, Shinn would be motivated even more.
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