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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
I remember that Yzak's girlfriend, okay scratch that, his secret admirer, Shiho Hahnenfuss appears in Destiny (watching the monitor when Gil announcing the 'destiny plan') and at the end of Destiny Special Edition (looks surprised when Lacus hugs Kira) though .
Ah, cameo appearance. Well, I am just throwing my thoughts to kaito-kid's line about side story characters being in the TV series story/plot. My wording turned out a bit general, I guess.

Originally Posted by kaito-kid View Post
Imagine if those comic relief characters from the Seiran family were replaced by the more ambitious and relevant characters from the Sahaku family.. It would have made Destiny so much better.
Yeah, the Sahaku's have better looks and characters than the Seiran's.
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