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What I hope for is that the next chapter is going to either be a little longer then usual, or have some pretty awesome moments in it - in other words something that would recompense the two months of wait, we had to undergo.

I know that, it's not Ikeda's fault that he got sick, but still, I can't help it, but to hope that the next chapter will be pretty amazing, which would, at least make those two months of waiting for it, worthwhile - it isn't much work for Ikeda, to make the chapter a little longer, or maybe make it entirely concentrated on the fight between Akua and Tsukune, with a few panels showing a shocked Inner Moka, once she realizes that Akua and Tsukune would be evenly matched (with the advantage, slightly being in Tsukune's favor), along with some other shocking (to Inner Moka) revelations, like the fact that Tsukune's aura has changed, or the fact that he can remove one or more of the seals on his Holy Lock.

It's not much to ask from Ikeda, right
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