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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Thats a problem, isn't it? MF topped the standard so much to the point that as I started watching subsequent shows, I just cannot find myself enjoying them as much.

For example: Gundam 00, Linebarrel... etc. Good animes, but not enough mental hard-on

Not even Ms Igloo 2 can do the job... damn you Kawamori, damn you.

- Tak
Yeah, I noticed that, too... other shows seem to be missing that certain "something".

Originally Posted by fallschirmjager View Post
It was because of MF I went back to watch SDF-1 and I enjoyed that a hell of a lot more than MF. I actually admired the animation of SDF-1 more so because all the transformations and combat scenes were drawn by hand.

That and I prefer the look of the VF-1* over the VF-25* ;D
Oh, Macross was something else, back then... Misa was my first anime lady love, so to say. But I look today on Macross Frontier as superior in many regards, due to the evolved universe and Sheryl. If only theyŽd ended the show logically ( i.e. Sheryl x Alto ending ), IŽd leave no bad hair on the series. ^^
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