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A style isn't something that's unprecedented to us. It's basically what specials without any skills - be it plus or minus, use.

Tsurubami would probably be considered a special, yet his style(Kamone System) makes him far stronger than any abnormal we've seen so far. Medaka was able to defeat him by copying 1/3 of his style, IIRC.

Kikajima has one(Voice-fightning), Akune has one(Mimicry), Nekomi(Cheating?), etc... Zenkichi was not a special, but a normal, which is why he could only fight regularly and didn't have overtly powerful attributes. Albeit he managed to hang with Abnormals due to his sheer effort of will.

It's just that the suitor's are styles on steroids. Like Nienami's 7 sword-style. I think the suitors are basically off the charts specials. They don't have any plus or minus since they do not posses any skills.

The only exception is Zenkichi's Devil Style, which is neither a plus nor a minus, yet is still a skill.
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