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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Screw it- A sitcom then, sponsored by Dengeki Bunko. Put seven of their Harem protagonists living together in one dorm and have their various Haremettes drop in every week.

Kirigaya "Chuunibyou" Kazuto
Kamijou "Misfortune" Touma
Arita "Fat Kid" Haruyuki
Aoi "Exihibitionist" Toori
Hasegawa "Lolicon" Subaru
Kousaka "Siscon" Kyousuke
Kanda "Tsukkomi" Sorata

*Why Sorata even though he's not a harem protagonist? Because it's a misunderstanding of course!*
HOLY SHIT, that's an awesome sitcom you've thought of there. But who you do you think has the most PRO harem handling skills? For me, it's a toss-up between Touma and Subaru.

And oh, Sorata doesn't really count, but I guess he would fit that show all right.
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