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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
And if you want a good harem leader look at Iono - she's the perfect harem lead. Loving, caring, cherry and NOT at all oblivious to the affections of her harem.
So if you would take Iono as a learning experience, how should harem leads respond to the affections of their respective harems without making them out into creeps or womanizers?

Originally Posted by Insane View Post
I vote for Touma.

Reason :

I have one primary requirement for any harem anime whether it be stereotypical romcom or not: A harem lead has to EARN all those heroines that want him. This is why most harem stories fail for me, they just become bland people who get girls because they were “nice guys”. And unlike other male leads where the girls simply getting close to them, he’s actually out there TRYING to get the girls to like him, which makes his position as harem male lead makes some sense.
Not to mention his harem handling skills is so awesome it's almost unbelievable. I mean, there's a reason for it. You know you have one of the most overpowered harems in history, when he just can't choose anyone as his true love. Because whoever he chooses, he's screwed.
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