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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Screw it- A sitcom then, sponsored by Dengeki Bunko. Put seven of their Harem protagonists living together in one dorm and have their various Haremettes drop in every week.

Kirigaya "Chuunibyou" Kazuto
Kamijou "Masochist" Touma
Arita "Fat Kid" Haruyuki
Aoi "Exihibitionist" Toori
Hasegawa "Lolicon" Subaru
Kousaka "Siscon" Kyousuke
Kanda "Tsukkomi" Sorata

*Why Sorata even though he's not a harem protagonist? Because it's a misunderstanding of course!*

Actually, let's make them gay for each other with their "haremettes" trying to win them back from the other guy.

But yeah, actually, that list (give or take several other similar or non-similar MCs inside there) is one hell of a big god damn wet bro-est dream waiting to happen.

Toori seems a bit too awkward there, he'd fit better with MCs such as Tomoki (Sora no Otoshimono).

But throw in Kampfer Form Natsuru (Kampfer) in there for some good measure. And several other similar MCs who can transform into girls to balance the amount of sausages present. If there are trap MCs then they are fair game.


... That had to be a very messed up idea of a harem I just thought of...
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