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I guess it could work. But I think that they're really close because they went through a whole lot of shit together - Tenma saved Nina more than once, and Nina helped Tenma unravel the mystery and cope with the guilt that was eating him from inside. It's always comforting to know that someone out there knows what you went through.

Nina showing atypical interest in his return isn't that surprising on hindsight - she was pretty happy when Lotte visited her after all (last few eps), and I guess Tenma paying her a visit would be even rarer since he's with DWB and isn't exactly free to visit her that often. It's like having a really close friend visit you after a long time - you'd drop all your other appointments to see him, especially since if he's flying off again the next day, right?

Even if Nina did have some romantic interest in Tenma (which is also not that surprising), I believe she's sensible enough to know that pursuing it will get her nowhere - from the looks of it she's a career woman, and a long-distance relationship with a travelling doctor 17 years her senior just doesn't seem a very good idea.

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